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> I hope you don't buy an eHD card since I don't believe it's the way to 
> go and it would drive VDR in the wrong direction. I'm sitting here with 
> a ???65 nvidia 8200-based motherboard playing 1080p videos with the cpu 
> 97% idle using vdpau and ffmpeg! That's NOT software decoding if you ask 
> me. And now that hdmi audio finally works with nvidia it's just awesome. 
> I REALLY hope the xine guys will get this running soon.
> Btw, thanks to Klaus and the rest for all the work you put into this.
> /Magnus H

Why all this eHD-bashing? Just because a *commercial* company already made a
complete HDTV-vdr-solution more than 18 months ago that the vdr-community
hasn't achieved until now? 

Of course the eHD won't live forever, probably not half as long as the
FF-card, but it solved an imminent issue at that time and it allowed to run
vdr and HDTV on it.

I also favour decoding in the graphics card instead of dedicated HW, but
please make a reality check: For Linux, this option is now available for 4
weeks or so...

BTW: The HDTV/h264-capability is in no way related to the eHD, so it simply
cannot drive vdr in the wrong direction. If you look at the stuff that the
reelvdr already has in its core for TS/HDTV/h264-handling you will see that
there is ZERO dependency on the eHD. The eHD-reelvant code is just an
output-plugin similar to the softdevice-plugin.

The reelvdr code base is tested by a really large number of users (many
thousands and not many geeks ;-) ). Is there any specific reason why you
don't want to profit from the experiences RMM already made?

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