VDR is very nice. I've been using it for years now. But it is still very
much tech focused in many areas. E.g. cutting recordings is way too
complicated for non-tech persons.

I'd also like to see option where live-tv pause can be enabled/disabled.
It has seldom been a problem but the whole feature is not usable for our

It seriously would not hurt VDR if there were Help pages available via
OSD. Yes, there are man-pages but my guess is that very very few end
users will actually go to terminal to check man-pages if they have some
problems with VDR how to do something. They just don't bother. And this
is request for Klaus because he's the author of the VDR thus should keep
the help pages of VDR up-to-date. And preferably all plugin developers
would do the same.

Br, Pasi wrote:
> The relook400s for example has an option (it can be turned on or off)
> where a 30 minutes buffer of live tv is recorded to allow to rewind livetv.
> This recording is automatically deleted when you zap to another channel, hence
> the Wife Acceptance Factor is very high.
> Whenever my wife sees in vdr 'channel not available' she freaks out and waits
> for me to come back from work, and then nags how vdr is not working again.
> It is nearly always instant recordings causing this and she is intimidated by
> the routing of deleting the recoding with the @ and then zapping.
> VDR is wonderful but it would not hurt to have options (I repeat options, that
> can be enabled only if desired) that make it more acceptable to non-technical
> users.
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