On Sun, 2009-08-30 at 08:49 +0300, Harri Kaimio wrote: 
> Hi,
> adding line
> Recordings.Sort();
> after
> Recordings.Update( true );
> in cConnectionVTP::CmdPLAY (in server/connectionVTP.c) fixes this 
> particular problem. So the problem seems to be that streamdev reloads 
> the recording list every now and then and does not sort it always.

Thanks. That makes it work for me so that correct recording is opened. 

But vdr-xbmc looks rather broken othervise related to recordings. Most
of the time with new videos I get only sound chirps without video. Old
vdr format videos seem to work better.

> By looking at code there seems to be a similar problem when deleting 
> recordings which is of course even more worrying as it can lead to data 
> loss... I haven't verified this yet though (and cannot test it before my 
> kidslet me use the system again :-)

Sounds scary! 

> I still don't have any idea why the subtitles are not shown correctly in 
> recordings. Also with some recordings from Yle's TV channels XBMC plays 
> the wrong soundtrack (plain VDR works OK with them)

I was able to open one recording from YLE Teema where subtitles were
shown. It was an edited recording that seems to work better (audio
chirps & no video problem).


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