adding line



Recordings.Update( true );

in cConnectionVTP::CmdPLAY (in server/connectionVTP.c) fixes this particular problem. So the problem seems to be that streamdev reloads the recording list every now and then and does not sort it always.

By looking at code there seems to be a similar problem when deleting recordings which is of course even more worrying as it can lead to data loss... I haven't verified this yet though (and cannot test it before my kidslet me use the system again :-)

I still don't have any idea why the subtitles are not shown correctly in recordings. Also with some recordings from Yle's TV channels XBMC plays the wrong soundtrack (plain VDR works OK with them)


Seppo Ingalsuo kirjoitti:
On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 22:02 +0300, Harri Kaimio wrote:

I have the same problem with my vdr+xbmc setup. It might be a sorting order problem: if I select nth recording from the list in XBMC (which is in alphabetical order), vdr seems to do a depth first search in the video directory tree without any sorting at all and plays the recording that is in nth position in this order.

Do you have idea where the error is, is it in
streamdev/server/recplayer.c in function scan()? Or at upper level in
connectionVTP.c? While looking the code I don't get where the bug could

I really wonder how xbmc can be usable for some, is the separate patch
for an old streamdev better?

Also subtitles do not work for me when watching recordings (in live TV they are OK)

I haven't yet been able to randomly hit a suitable YLE recording to
check that :^)


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