On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 22:02 +0300, Harri Kaimio wrote:

> I have the same problem with my vdr+xbmc setup. It might be a sorting 
> order problem: if I select nth recording from the list in XBMC (which is 
> in alphabetical order), vdr seems to do a depth first search in the 
> video directory tree without any sorting at all and plays the recording 
> that is in nth position in this order.

Do you have idea where the error is, is it in
streamdev/server/recplayer.c in function scan()? Or at upper level in
connectionVTP.c? While looking the code I don't get where the bug could

I really wonder how xbmc can be usable for some, is the separate patch
for an old streamdev better?

> Also subtitles do not work for me when watching recordings (in live TV 
> they are OK)

I haven't yet been able to randomly hit a suitable YLE recording to
check that :^)


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