> >> is there really no recommendation for a board not using Nvidia 
> >> graphics components? It would really be great to not depend on 
> >> proprietary drivers.
> > Hardware decoding through VA-API is working on some Intel chipsets 
> > and CPUs, but I haven't seen any usable GPU deinterlacing implementations 
> > besides those in Nvidia's VDPAU.
> I also would like to remind the framerate issues. Naturally you decide what
> is enough precision and quality for you.
> Computer hardware usually cannot provide 50.000Hz, 59.940Hz or 23.976Hz
> outputs to your TV/Monitor. This will cause some judder on display output
> as MPEG/AVC input-stream is not synchronized to output framerate.

do you mean that all nvidia vdpau cards with existing drivers from Nvidia can't 
provide exact 50.000Hz,
59.940Hz or 23.976Hz ??


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