On 01.04.2011 15:26, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
I have a iMon remote control, which also doesn't use this 'standard'
order ;)

Additionally on my previous mail (I hit send by accident actually :p) I
checked the wikipage, and i couldn't find any mention of color or colour
in relation to the order of the buttons. Also searching for Yellow
didn't result in a single hit, nor did RGYB.

I guess he was referring to the screen shots on that page:



So I'm not so sure of this 'standard order for remotes' yet?

On 04/01/11 14:54, Rainer Blickle wrote:
Yes i do. But the request can be refused, of course. Why not asking.

I have a hama MCE ir. Dont know how many people use this remote.

2011/4/1 fnu<v...@auktion.hostingkunde.de>:
My remote has the color order Yellow, Red, Blue, Green (only an example, i
dont have the remote at hand). Lets say the buttons are Button0, Button1,
Button2, Button3

My (and perhaps only my) opinion is that vdr should request the leftmost
color button, then the color right next to it (and so on) while learning.
The color displayed in the osd should be assigned via the setup menu.

Are you seriously asking for a major change like this, just for your most
propably unique remote control?

The color order of the RGYB buttons is a common standard, defined for
Teletext centuries ago. So, 99.999% of all remotes providing these keys do
have this order.



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