[This email has been sitting in my drafts folder for a few
weeks. Today I had the courage to send it.]  

I was wondering if it
would make sense to offer a place for VDR users using the
sky_uk/freesat/S28.2E/freeview platforms to communicate with each other.
The intention is that people can discuss their special needs like
freesat EPG, red button stuff, channel lists, channel logos and all
other things and test new inventions (like the red button extension)

 Being a frequent user of freesat channels myself and being a
member of the developers behind the yaVDR distribution (www.yavdr.org),
I would like to offer to you to open up an English language community
forum on our yaVDR board located at forum.yavdr.com [1]. This board is
currently mostly used by our development team for internal discussions,
so there is not much to see there for external visitors yet.

don't get me wrong: I don't want to drag away developer discussions from
this mailing list, it's more a forum where developers and users who
share the same topics (freesat/freeview/SKY_UK) can communicate and
solve problems related to VDR together. And knowledge could be made more
accessible for new VDR users.

 Maybe this could also be a good starting
point for building up an English language VDR user community forum -
starting off with UK/Ireland users. I always thought an English language
community was missing next to the German language VDR portal
(www.vdr-portal.de [2]).

 If some of you guys here are interested in
such a place, please give me a short reply. It only takes me a couple of
minutes to set up a new area on the forum. Or is there already a forum
in place?


[2] http://www.vdr-portal.de
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