On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 9:04 AM, Henning Pingel <henn...@henningpingel.de> wrote:
>>> I was wondering if it would make sense to offer a place for VDR users
>>> using the sky_uk/freesat/S28.2E/freeview platforms to communicate with
>>> each other. The intention is that people can discuss their special needs
>>> like freesat EPG, red button stuff, channel lists, channel logos and all
>>> other things and test new inventions (like the red button extension)
>>> together.

I think its a great idea. There must be a fair number of English VDR
users out there (I'm one of them!) and I've always found the lack of
UK based support and discussion frustrating and whilst the German
users are pretty helpful on vdrportal, I get the feeling they get
frustrated with us asking questions that have been answered in German
previously that we can't search for!

I think if you widen it up too much it'll never happen or become
watered down and MythTV already has a lot of English-based support.
I'd suggest keeping it narrow to English speaking VDR users (or yaVDR
at a push, which I do now use and its as stable now for me after a lot
of config as using a FF card or my previous Reel eHD) and of course we
can then cover UK channel logos and red button support etc in there as
a subset. VDR Portal IMHO would be the ideal location if we can
consider asking them to open an area for us.

I'd be happy to help and contribute.



PS - for those waiting for rotor-ng, its still on my to do list to
finish off. A combination of holiday and high work load has meant that
I've not had a lot of time to look at it recently. I may release an
alpha release of it as it is for those that are waiting if there is
any demand for it? It has been stable in my box for a few months now.

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