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Henning Pingel <henn...@henningpingel.de> wrote:

>  I actually didn't know about boxstar until now. Thanks for pointing 
>  that out to me!
>  In an ideal world there would be a linuxtv.org forum with section
> for VDR and MythTV, boxstar, TVHeadend and applications like
> Kaffeine, etc. This is IMHO really needed as an orientation for
> people who want to use Linux as a PVR.

And I hadn't heard of TVHeadEnd, so thank you :-). I don't think I'll
abandon development of boxstar though, because there's no mention of
support for Freesat's EPG or LCNs on FS or Freeview, and that's
important to me.

My current development direction is based on python and gstreamer. I had
long intended to use gstreamer for playback anyway, which makes deciding
to use its RTSP plugins for streaming a no-brainer and I was starting to
find doing all the rest from scratch in C too laborious. Now gstreamer
has some usable DVB source elements although they'll need rewriting to
support Freesat. Freeview LCNs are already supported, bonus :-).

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