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>> There is already a large english-speaking forum located at DVBN.
>> http://dvbn.happysat.org
>> There are a lot of VDR and mythtv users there, some of which actually
>> use yavdr but most who compile VDR themselves.
> Interesting. But I guess that this is a specific satellite users board so
> people with digital cable TV or terrestrial Digital TV wouldn't turn up in
> that forum to ask their questions, right? I'm just guessing.

There aren't a lot of dvb-c/dvb-t (atsc) VDR users that I'm aware of
but they do exist.  The small handful of people I know who do fall
into that category have mostly headaches - not because of VDR but
rather shotty/buggy drivers for their cards, etc.  Satellite sources
are by far the most popular here in NA.

> It would be interesting to draw something like a world map with highlighted
> regions where VDR is popular. And I guess that every region has their own
> patches to solve their regional needs (ATSC, ATSC EPG, NA EIT, BBC red
> button).

NA is pretty well-supported at this point.  As of VDR-1.7.18, the only
regional type patch people need relates to dvb-s EIT.  Due to its
proprietary nature, it simply can't be merged into VDR's core.  AFAIK,
that's the only real issue -- if there are problems with cable or
terr., I'm not really aware of them.

I realized a long time ago that it's pretty hard to accurately
determine how many users VDR has, at least here.  I do know we have a
large community but the majority don't participate in this mailing
list, the foreign-language forums (such as vdrportal), or even the
english forums.  I've been trying for ages to get people to be more
involved, and some have, but for the most part, they still don't.
Another problem is that there are very very few actual NA developers.
Unfortunately we've lost a lot of users to the dark side (AKA mythtv),
which has a bit more NA support/developer activity.

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