Am Donnerstag, den 05.05.2011, 17:38 +0200 schrieb Henning Pingel:
> I was wondering if it would make sense to offer a place for VDR users
> using the sky_uk/freesat/S28.2E/freeview platforms to communicate with
> each other. The intention is that people can discuss their special
> needs like freesat EPG, red button stuff, channel lists, channel logos
> and all other things and test new inventions (like the red button
> extension) together.


I have just created a forum area for UK/Ireland VDR users (or users of
S28.2E) at [1]

This is just one small sub-forum that may not seem to fit into its
parent category ATM and maybe it doesn't even look inviting. An empty
forum always feels awkward. Please ignore that for now and just start
using it as is. Let's see how it develops. It might as well not be used
at all after a few weeks time, but who knows? If it is being used, we
can discuss structural improvements later.

I would be happy if it is of help for the UK/Ireland VDR community.

I might step in as a moderator
a) if inappropriate topics are being discussed (see welcome posting in
b) if the language used in the sub-forum is not English (there are
enough other places to get help in German language).
c) if topics are not covering any of these categories: TV, PVR, Linux,



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