On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Gero <geronimo...@gmx.de> wrote:
>> I can't stand when things are installed all over the place.
> Let's take a quick look at real life:
> if you need to exchange the tooth belt on your motorcycle - will you perform
> that task in your living room?
> if you visit your friend for the first time and you look for a cold beer - 
> will
> you look in his bedroom?
> In real life we all "spread our things all over the house" to keep them in
> order. The refrigerator will be placed in the kitchen, the car in the garage
> and your bed will most probably be in your bedroom.

I don't spread things all over my house and from the sound of it
neither do you(?). All my bathroom items are in the bathroom. All my
kitchen items are in my kitchen. All my office items are in my office.
I keep everything VDR in one place. It works great (for me). I see no
reason to put a VDR binary in one dir, plugin binaries in another dir,
config files in another dir, this stuff in this dir, that stuff in yet
another dir..

> If you like to sleep on toilet or shit in your kitchen - I don't mind.
> For me, people that like to keep their PC in order behave quite natural,
> there's no need to offend them for thinking different.

I'm not sure who is offended but if my personal preference & opinion
offends you, maybe you shouldn't value other peoples preferences &
opinions so much because it's not a big deal.

Instead of going on about that stuff, which is completely irrelevant,
maybe someone can answer what I've already asked:

"As far as the patch, is it really necessary to split the files up even
further? What is the real benefit? Also, don't different distros use
different dir structures, so what's common on some may not be on
others? If this is an attempt to standardize something, it's probably
best to find a standard that exists across _all_ distros (if this
isn't the case here)."


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