Udo Richter wrote:
My suggestion:
Allow to keep the default CACHEDIR and RESDIR un-set (empty), and if
--cachedir or --resdir is not present, default to whatever --video and
--config is actually set to. That way, the package builder can decide
whether to set CACHEDIR and RESDIR or not, and if they're set, he has to
make sure that the startup scripts get modified to support --cachedir
and --resdir if necessary.

For an extra, an explicit --cachedir="" and --resdir="" could also
override an explicit CACHEDIR and RESDIR and revert to duplicating
--video and --config.

It is difficult to read your description (and no, I didn't understand it). How would you want to document this in a way, someone actually understands it?

If someone updates from 1.6 to an (upcoming) 2.0, then two new parameters to VDR won't be his only problem, so I vote against bloating the VDR sourcecode just to add some difficult logic on how and when directories are set by compile parameters or VDR parameters.



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