2012/4/7 Udo Richter <udo_rich...@gmx.de>

> Am 06.04.2012 15:01, schrieb Christopher Reimer:
> > could someone please review the attached patch? It's originally posted
> > by Maniac in this thread -->
> On the original topic, I see room for one improvement:
I tried to fix this on my own. So be careful

In case CACHEDIR and VIDEODIR are equal and Cachdir isn't set via command
line while Videodir is set. It should now use the Videodir as Cachedir.

It is a bit confusing that there's no DEFAULTVIDEODIR in vdr.c

RESDIR and CONFDIR should work similar.

Nevertheless isn't ConfigDir also staying default, in case the VideoDir is
changed via --video.


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