[ ... arguments about pros and cons of FHS ... ]

The purpose of this thread is not to discuss the pros and cons of the FHS
vs. having all files of an application in one place. Clearly these two
approaches are so fundamentally different that there will never be a
common ground. And any comparison to real-life behavoir apparently can
always be used both ways. So let's just cut the crap here and focus on
what this is really about.

Christopher Reimer has posted a patch that introduces a way of making
VDR store its files according to the FHS, in case somebody wants to
do that. This patch will *NOT* change VDR's default behavior of storing
all files in one place. If you want to make VDR use the FHS, you need to
use the respective command line options or make the proper entries in your
Make.config file.

What I want to see in this thread are ACKs (or NACKs) from people who have 
reviewed the patch, and preferably have applied and tested it.
Does the patch actually do what it is suppposed to do?
Does it retain the default behavior of storing all files in one place?
Does it break anything?

Unless I get at least three ACKs for this patch, it won't go into the
official VDR source. So far, I haven't seen a single one, so the status is
currently "not accepted".

As for the "offending" comment in INSTALL: it was me who insisted in this,
so please don't blame it on Christopher. I just want to make it very clear
to anybody who uses this feature that this will result in VDR's files being
stored in many different places. VDR users have a tendency to blindly apply
any patches the can find, without really considering whether this does
anything useful for them ;-)


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