> FHS patch

This change would be welcome (I'm the VDR package maintainer of Mageia
distribution), though it hasn't really been a big issue for me.

A couple of comments regarding the INSTALL part:

06.04.2012 16:01, Christopher Reimer kirjoitti:
> +CACHEDIR = /var/cache/vdr

> +CONFDIR = /var/lib/vdr

Just for the record, this is a bit against FHS rules ("Users must never
need to modify files in /var/lib to configure a package's operation."),
but there really is not better option either... (maybe fhs-discuss@
could be asked for a clarification).

> +LOCDIR = $(PREFIX)/share/locale
> +RESDIR = $(PREFIX)/share/vdr

> +VIDEODIR = /srv/vdr/video0

Ditto here, "/srv contains site-specific data which is served by this
system.", which video data really isn't. (btw, why 'video0' and not
'video' like is VDR default?)

On Mandriva/Mageia packages I use '/var/lib/vdr/config' and
'/var/lib/vdr/video', but as I said, they aren't really any better than
your suggestions :)

Maybe just add a note that the INSTALL example doesn't really conform to
current FHS?

Anssi Hannula

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