On 04.09.2012 22:29, Manuel Reimer wrote:
For example the file "diseqc.conf" should be editable via OSD, in my opinion. 
If I pre-setup an VDR system for someone, then it should be possible to just hand over 
the system to him and he should be able to just connect the wires and do anything, still 
required, using his remote control.

So for me it seems to be useless to try to strictly separate VDR's configuration files between 
"static" and "dynamic". They all should be dynamic and maybe at any time they 
could get dynamic, if Klaus improves the OSD setup possibilities.

Feel free to contribute some code that implements an interactive
DiSEqC setup menu ;-)
The DiSEqC setup with all its possibilities is rather complex,
and setting it up via a config file is simple enough for me,
that's why I never bothered even trying to write a full-fledged
setup page for it. But I'll gladly adopt a patch that does this
in a useful way ;-)


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