2012/9/4 Gero <geronimo...@gmx.de>:
>> I decided to use /var/spool/video (could have been /var/spool/vdr
>> too).
> That's a good point!
> Lots of VDR-users use VDR as a standalone system and for those systems
> /var/spool might be more appropriate than /srv
> /srv is right, if the VDR-machine offers the recordings like a NAS or
> MediaServer, so in case the VDR is a backend machine, it might be better to
> symlink /var/spool/video to /srv/video or the like.

The FHS gives further examples for /var/spool

"Printer spool directory"
"Outgoing mail queue"

I cannot see how a recording directory is comparable with a printer or
outgoing mail queue.


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