It happens I thought first about the classic LENR community.
But your idea can be taken in consideration, what about a league and a
movement of Sucessful Competitors of the Rossi Technology- as claimed by
Rossi? If unity pro goes with difficulty perhaps unity against something is
more stimulative?
What is your personal strategy? Do yiu see a personality r an organization
able to unify LENR- in some extent?
As Lennart has said there is still no verdict regarding the Rossi


On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 9:06 PM, Jed Rothwell <> wrote:

> We sure as hell do should not unify behind Rossi, if that is what you are
> thinking. If researchers endorse flimflam artists such as Rossi and
> Defkalion it will be the end of cold fusion.
> - Jed

Dr. Peter Gluck
Cluj, Romania

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