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LENR should breakup into two independent sects, the Rossi sect and the
> Rothwell sect.

That is more or less what has happened. However, you should not call it the
"Rothwell sect." That gives the impression that I am part of a minority, or
that I somehow lead the effort. Ask around and you will see that nearly all
researchers in this field think Rossi is a flimflam man and a liar. Rossi
has no support among the conventional academic researchers. As I pointed
out before, Pam boss seems to despise him even more than I do.

I do not know anyone who is actually doing research or has published papers
in this field who supports Rossi. There were a few years ago, but not now.

You Rossi supporters are a small minority. A few of you apparently still
believe Defkalion. I find that mind-boggling, in light of the Gamberale

It makes me wonder what do these people have to do before you will finally
see they are liars. It seems you will excuse anything.

- Jed

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