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It happens I thought first about the classic LENR community.

You might as well try to herd cats.

> But your idea can be taken in consideration, what about a league and a
> movement of Sucessful Competitors of the Rossi Technology- as claimed by
> Rossi?

Rossi has no technology. If he claims there are competitors, he lies.

> Do yiu see a personality r an organization
> able to unify LENR- in some extent?

Given the personalities of the researchers I think this is a forlorn hope.

I do not see much use for unity at this stage. A researcher with a good
experiment should contact I.H. They might fund the research. No one else
will. No government will.

> As Lennart has said there is still no verdict regarding the Rossi
> Technology.

He is wrong. The verdict is clear. If Rossi's claims were true everyone in
the warehouse would be dead. If Rossi's claims were even partly true, the
warehouse would have been very hot, and it was not.

The details are spelled out in Exhibit 5, but all you really need to know
is that the warehouse was not as hot as an oven. As you see from the photos
it would have been if there had actually been a 1 MW heat source.

- Jed

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