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> I don't know where you are getting your information from but it looks to
> me that others in academia are taking a wait and see stand rather than
> dismissing Rossi as you do.

I get my information from the researchers. I meet with them every few years
at ICCF conferences, and we often exchange message when I copy-edit their

Where do you get your information? You are wrong.

If you have any doubt about my report, I suggest you contact some
researchers yourself.

>   It also seems there is more research going on in Ni/LAH/Li systems with
> other governments now starting to back it.

There has been for some time. It has little or nothing to do with Rossi.
Anyway, Rossi's own credibility is gone, for obvious reasons. Seriously, do
you think that any scientist or engineer would believe there might be 1 MW
of heat released in that warehouse facility? Do you think anyone outside of
Planet Rossi believes there can be an endothermic process that magically
swallows up that much heat, 24 hours a day, for months? That's crazy. No
one with a scientific or technical background would believe such nonsense
if they were not deeply in thrall of Rossi's deceptions. If someone not
named Rossi said things like that, you and Peter Gluck would instantly
dismiss them. You only believe it because you are emotionally invested in
Rossi, you are engaged in wishful thinking, and you cannot face reality.

> The problem with the better proven electrolysis route is that it is not
> clear how it can be scaled up.

That's incorrect. Many large scale electrolytic devices have been built,
for various purposes.

>   I expect to see a commercial unit from Rossi in 6 - 12 months.

You are deluded, as I said. If anything Rossi said were true, he and the
people in that warehouse facility would be dead. You saw the photos of it;
you know that as well as I do. You just cannot admit it even to yourself.

It's over. You need to let go of Rossi.

- Jed

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