On 09/16/2016 03:36 PM, Jed Rothwell wrote:

A researcher with a good experiment should contact I.H. They might fund the research. No one else will. No government will.

Once burned twice shy.

Do you really think I.H. would take another flier on cold fusion at this point?

Rossi did a great job. He has totally nuked the chances of CF to go anywhere for a long, long time to come. Between getting egg on a lot of people's faces, costing some people a lot of money, and making some CF experts look like idiots for not seeing through him sooner (which should have surprised nobody -- con man versus scientists, con man usually wins), whatever aura of respectability the field might have had has gone in the dumper at this point.

Anyhow that's my sad opinion on the situation.... :-(

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