Peter Gluck <> wrote:

You cannot go to a Trial with incredible storiesas half full pipes in the
> plant (you defended it heroically but I am convinced you do not take it
> seriously)

Of course I am serious. I have uploaded photos of half-full pipes. This
pipe is not pressurized so it can easily be half full.

When Rossi tells you he as an endothermic industrial process that absorbs 1
MW of heat continuously for months, you take that seriously. You believe
it. I do not accuse you of pretending. So you should not accuse me of not
believing something that anyone can easily produce with any open pipe and
flow of water.

> and the other stories - the Judge already knows how was the energy
> consumed and who  is Bass so now IH has to came with a better set, probably.

No one "knows how the energy was consumed." Rossi's explanation is
impossible. Only you believe it, because you believe anything Rossi says.
If anyone else had told you this, with your engineering background you
would instantly see that it is nonsense.

- Jed

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