I watched the recent Mill’s lecture on U-Tube.  It is informative IMHO.

I had the following inquiry with answers from Mills or a spokesman:

>>Dr. Mills—

 I watched the Fresno lecture on U-tube.

 A question still in my mind regards the disposition of the dense hydrogen 
molecule  formed during the reaction.
Answer: it is the same mass and density as ordinary hydrogen gas, just 
comprises a lower energy state.

Is it a biologically hazardous substance?

Answer: It is extremely stable, does not react with anything.

and how does the cell remove the material from the cell?

Answer: It is lighter than air like ordinary hydrogen, vents to space.

Does the  dense hydrogen waste have a significant worth as a by product?

Answer: Yes, as a replacement for expensive, finite, and scarce helium.

How might it be useful?

Answer: heat transfer, buoyancy.
Bob Cook

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