I echo Esa Ruoho’s thanks for identifying Ruby’s interview with Muelenberg.

His latest papers in Jed’s library of LENR papers are very excellent IMHO 
regarding LENR theory.  There is still some hand waving and some new terms that 
make them hard for me to follow.

Meulenberg starts to look at spin energy and mechanisms linking this energy in 
nucleons to the orbital spin energy of atoms, molecules and crystals (lattices 
of atoms).

I would like to see Meulenberg address Philippe Hatt’s theory of massification 
with it’s predictions of proton and neutron mass, charge and magnetic moments.

Philippe may have something to say about the following paper by Barut and Kraus 
from 1975, referenced by one of Meulenberg’s papers ; J. Condensed Matter Nucl. 
Sci. 24 (2017) 230–235

 (1975) 27.

The following paper is also relevant IMHO:

Bob Cook

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Hi Jones and thanks for posting about this.

There are three episodes of the Cold Fusion Now! Podcast available at  (and on iTunes )

e001 Dr. David J. Nagel of George Washington University in Washington, DC will 
be talking about The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, an area of 
condensed matter nuclear science that has major scientific challenges ahead and 
yet holds a very real promise of a practical new ultra-clean energy technology.

e002 Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI 
International, previously Stanford Research Institute – where there continues 
an almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. He 
semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016 and is currently consulting with 
international research groups.

e003 Dr. Andrew Meulenberg is an experimental physicist and LENR theoretician. 
He earned a PhD from Vanderbilt University in low-energy Nuclear Physics and 
spent 37 years in the aerospace industry as an independent consultant. He was 
also a Principle Scientist at Draper Laboratories (previously MIT 
Instrumentation Lab).

There's a fourth, fifth and sixth one, once some guy in Finland finishes 
editing them.

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Ruby interviews Andrew  Meulenberg.

I like the deep electron theory and its variations far more than any other, 
whether it comes from Holmlid, Mills, Meulenberg, or someone else -  and AM 
seems to hint at a successful project which is in the works – perhaps based in 
India. Let’s hope it is real.

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