This is the first time I have heard that Mills (or anyone else) thinks mass 
changed  into energy causes the Universe’s expansion.   In General Relativity 
it would be like changing the space from a positive curvature to a negative 
curvature (I think) at all points—that would explain the observed increase of 
the rate of expansion.  The following  WIKIPEDIA item  addresses this:

ROBIN, do you have a Mill’s reference to this claim?  It may be of interest to 
the massification and demassification ideas  Hatt, Meulenberg and others hav  

I consider that Hatt’s interest in the reasons for differences in magnetic 
moments of the neutron, proton and alpha particles is well founded.  The answer 
 may be related to the space/time/…)maybe spin)  fabric of the Universe with 
these independent parameters, which are sensed by the entire fabric like it is 
a  coherent QM system.

The following link  
suggests an increase of negative curvature of anti-de Sitter space.

The 1977 report of anomolus magnetic moment of suerpositronium;
by A. O. Barut and Kraus may add additional understand to the magnetic moments 
of non-primary particles.

Barut has written more since the 1977 paper.  From his book, WHAT ARE THE TRUE 
BUILDING BLOCKS OF MATTER  he writes the following:

“As What is new, however, is the recognition that magnetic forces between the 
stable particles, when treated non-perturbatively, become very strong at short 
distances (short ranged), provide a deep enough well to give rise to high mass 
narrow resonances, have saturation property and give rise, by magnetic pairing, 
to the compensation of the large magnetic moment of the electron. In the 
construction of atoms and molecules we make use only of the electric (Coulomb) 
part of the electromagnetic forces and treat magnetic forces as small 
perturbations. There is, however, another regime of energies and distances in 
which magnetic forces play the dominant role and the electric forces are small 
perturbations. We shall show this duality with explicit calculations. It would 
have been strange if Nature provided magnetic forces just to be tiny 
corrections to the building principle of atoms and molecules (which could exist 
without them) and not to play an equally important role in the structure of 
matter. Clearly, a model of this type also automatically provides a dynamical 
theory of nuclear forces.”
 I recall, Hatt’s predictions of magnetic moments for protons, neutrons and  
muons are available to many significant figures—way beyond the range of current 
data—and thus provide good prediction for theory confirmation.  He may be able 
to address the superpositroniun  issue as well.

Bob Cook

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>I realize that mass and energy are two different forms of existence, but 
>should we expect the remainder of the universe to know this has happened other 
>than by the interactions between the two objects before and after the event 
>and other particles.

If I understand Mills correctly, then he says that it precisely the conversion
of mass into energy that causes the expansion of the universe.
IOW, yes the rest of the universe does know.


Robin van Spaandonk

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