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>This is the first time I have heard that Mills (or anyone else) thinks mass 
>changed  into energy causes the Universe’s expansion.   In General Relativity 
>it would be like changing the space from a positive curvature to a negative 
>curvature (I think) at all points—that would explain the observed increase of 
>the rate of expansion.

Predicted by Mills. (BTW I think it's actually just a reduction in the positive
curvature. Quote:"Cosmology
Below: The conversion of matter into energy causes spacetime, and thus the
universe, to expand, since light has inertial but no gravitational mass. The
acceleration of the expansion of the presently observed universe was predicted
by Mills in 1995 and has since been confirmed experimentally. Mills predicts
that the universe expands and contracts over thousand-billion year cycles.")
- see
>ROBIN, do you have a Mill’s reference to this claim?  

See the gravity chapter of his book, online at

Robin van Spaandonk

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