Speaking of Mills - have you guys seen this Cold Fusion Now -produced
documentary "Anomalous Effects in Deuterated Systems Melvin Miles The
Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium" - the link is at

Also, maybe you'd find this Edmund Storms documentary (also by Cold Fusion
Now! / Ruby Carat) interesting, too.

p.s. the next podcast episodes will be about Jean Paul Biberian and Alan
Smith. How do I know this? I edit them together:)

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> Hi,
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> >I realize that mass and energy are two different forms of existence, but
> should we expect the remainder of the universe to know this has happened
> other than by the interactions between the two objects before and after the
> event and other particles.
> >
> >Dave
> If I understand Mills correctly, then he says that it precisely the
> conversion
> of mass into energy that causes the expansion of the universe.
> IOW, yes the rest of the universe does know.
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> Robin van Spaandonk
> local asymmetry = temporary success

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