I described the test of the Hydrodynamics heater at the fire department in
Georgia. They used the water meter to determine the flow rate, dial
thermometers to measure temperature, and a power analyzer to determine total
energy consumption.

If a person had several months to prepare and a few hundred thousand
dollars, I do not think it would be difficult to fake a demonstration of
this nature. (I do not think the county Facilities Management engineer faked
the tests he described to me because he would have no motivation to do that,
but a con-man would have motivation.)

It is impossible to hide a 1 MW power supplies but you could hide a few
hundred kilowatts. You might rent the building next door and run a cable
underground. You could hide a large, conventional boiler next door and run
hidden pipes.

A 1 MW boiler probably has to be bolted to the floor. Even if it is free
standing, a person cannot pick it up and look underneath. This gives plenty
of opportunity to run hidden wires and pipes through the legs. Once you can
do this it is easy to think of different ways to cheat. A 100 gpm flow can
be run through a surprisingly small pipe. You can see that with swimming
pool equipment:


This shows a 2 inch pipe for 75 gpm in "Spa mode."

I have not given much thought to this, but I suppose a convenient method of
arranging a fake demonstration would be:

1. Hide a large conventional boiler, perhaps next door. (These things are
noisy so you would want it some distance away.)

2. Have the tap water divert secretly with the flow rate of 100 gpm, so that
the water meter shows the correct amount going through. You might have the
tap water enter the fake device and then flow out through a hidden pipe,
before it reaches the outlet.

3. Meanwhile, you pump in hot water from the hidden boiler, and have that go
out the outlet, instead the tap water.

4. You might also have water coming out of the machine look like it is going
down the drain (to the sewer) while you secretly divert it back to the
hidden boiler. In other words the same water would circulate around and
around, and the temperature would gradually rise. It would look like the
machine is gradually warming up. When the temperature reaches the target
level of 40°C you turn off the hidden boiler. This allows you to use a
smaller hidden boiler, saving money on equipment, and reducing the noise and
space taken by the hidden equipment.

The Hydrodynamics machine was tested in one configuration by circulating the
water from a large tank over and over again. In that case the tank was
visible and everyone can see that was why the inlet temperature was
gradually rising. We took that into account.

Here are some stupid tricks that could easily be discovered --

You could divert a large amount of the cold water directly to the drain. It
would look like 100 gpm was going it, but 50 gpm would be secretly diverted
with hidden pipes and only 50 gpm would go through come out as hot water. It
is difficult for an observer without instruments to tell the difference
between 50 and 100 gpm. But if a person were to hang around for a week and
use something like a steel drum to collect the outlet stream, this trick
would soon be revealed.

You could purchase several dial thermometers with different ranges and
replace the face of one with the other. Again, an independent observer with
a Radio Shack thermistor could collect a sample of the outlet water and see
through this trick.

You could use a power analyzer that had been secretly altered. I think
hidden wires would be a better choice. An outside observer might rent a
power analyzer and demand the opportunity to verify the reading.

If I had lots of money and time I think I would find it easier to fake a
large demonstration than a 10 kW one.

People here and elsewhere have discussed elaborate methods of faking the 10
kW demonstration, such as hiding wires, replacing the wires in the walls to
allow more electric power input, or using a fluid that looks like water but
is not. If you had hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to prepare,
you might be able to arrange this sort of thing. But my point is that with a
small-scale device, it is much easier to catch such tricks. An outside
observer can stop by Radio Shack and purchase a few tools such as the Kill A
Watt meter, a thermistor and an ordinary bucket to measure all of the key
parameters. The machine is not bolted to the floor. It is free standing on a
piece of wood. So there is no way to hide wires going through the table

I am NOT suggesting that Rossi is planning to do any of the above. I am
pointing out how a suspicious person would view a test of this nature. I
think is a given that if a 1 MW test is reported many people in the mass
media and on the Internet will claim that something like what I described
here must have occurred. They will not be convinced.

- Jed

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