Nice work.

I'm assuming that you recognize that there is a fair probability of the
Rossi device being gainful, in a non-chemical way and non-deceptive way ...
or else you would have remained at the higher comfort level of Physorg-style
reflexive tunnel-vision ... which most of those dinosaurs are afflicted


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From: Alan J Fletcher 
Subject: [Vo]:How to Fake the Jan/Feb 10KW Demonstration

I initially commented on ways of faking and detecting the January 
setup in Physorg (posting as alanf777):

but discussion there has died down.

My basic methodology of eliminating fakes is to presume that the 
ENTIRE unobserved structure is made up of the fake material, and then 
calculate how long you would have to run it at the observed power 
levels to exhaust the material.

The December/January test was so short that a number of fakes could 
have done it.

For the February test (I wonder if Levi will issue a report) only ONE 
of my candidates is still in the running.

I've just finished writing this up at  (just an index page)  and  a first draft is at:

How to Make and Detect a FAKE Rossi/Focardi eCAT LENR

I've tried to identify who first proposed each specific fake.

If anyone's interested, I'll continue updating it.  Any comments are 
appreciated (directly or in this thread.)


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