I believe that a 1MW system is not the way for Rossi to go.  I do not 
understand the rational.
What would you do with 1MW composed of 100 units? 

Again, several independent 1 to 10 KW system are more realistic.  
They could easily be placed on a "glass table" or something like that or be 
free to move from location to

Even in the 10 to 100 kW range a system that could say - move a car would be 
more believable by
the public and prove no hidden wires......  (steam dune buggy--- he said 

I would suggest that 2 or 3 separate 1-10kW systems to be tested by others 
would be more convincing than
a un examinable 1MW system with no controls or ways to isolate it. 

Again I am not he, but I would opt for several small units to prove 
reproducibility, allow for free examination to 
show no faking, allow for use of other's measurement systems to show no 
mistaken numbers, and run for extended 
times to show unique reactions. 

But then I think he is busy on his own direction (tunnel vision) and will not 
be reading these blogs.


................If I had lots of money and time I think I would find it easier 
to fake a large demonstration than a 10 kW one.

People here and elsewhere have discussed elaborate methods of faking the 10 kW 
demonstration, such as hiding wires, replacing the wires in the walls to allow 
more electric power input, or using a fluid that looks like water but is not. 
If you had hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to prepare, you might be 
able to arrange this sort of thing. But my point is that with a small-scale 
device, it is much easier to catch such tricks. An outside observer can stop by 
Radio Shack and purchase a few tools such as the Kill A Watt meter, a 
thermistor and an ordinary bucket to measure all of the key parameters. The 
machine is not bolted to the floor. It is free standing on a piece of wood. So 
there is no way to hide wires going through the table legs.

I am NOT suggesting that Rossi is planning to do any of the above. I am 
pointing out how a suspicious person would view a test of this nature. I think 
is a given that if a 1 MW test is reported many people in the mass media and on 
the Internet will claim that something like what I described here must have 
occurred. They will not be convinced.

- Jed

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