In the document you wrote:

"For FUTURE WATER versions we need:

Input electrical power (BETWEEN the control panel and the reactor)"

Why does this matter? What difference can it make? We know how much
electricity goes into the box, and there is no way more than that can go
into the machine.

"Sealed unit, to prevent drawing air as a fuel."

It is sealed. There are no visible holes, according to Levi and other people
who have seen it close up. You would need large ventilation holes to sustain
combustion at ~12 kW. My home water heater puts out 12 kW. The flames and
ventilation holes are quite large, and you can easily see the flames. I
expect that a 130 kW reaction in a 1 L volume would be incandescent, so if
there were holes, you would notice.

This is a useful exercise, but bear in mind that during the February 10 run
the machine produced more than 1000 MJ. That is as much as 26 kg of gasoline
(39 L). The only active material was the mystery substance inside the 1 L
volume. No common chemical and very few exotic chemicals can produce more
energy than gasoline, and of course gasoline requires oxygen, so as a
practical matter this is far more than a chemical reaction can produce.

Levi concluded that this test eliminates any possibility that it is a
chemical reaction. I agree with him.

- Jed

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