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> No it isn’t. I repeat SRI did not work with Ni-H gas phase. Ni-H2O is NOT
> the same as Ni-H and the dynamics are very different.

No on was working on gas phase Ni-H in those days. It hadn't occurred to
anyone to do it. The problem is that there are hundreds of potential
variations, and you never know which is promising. Srinivasan did what
seemed most likely to work. He did what Mills and others claimed was
working. It never did.

SRI worked closely with Arata on nanoparticle Pd, and replicated him. ****
> ** **
> Again – that was NOT back in the day when glowing success from a
> well-respected lab would have made a huge difference in perceptions.

What day was that? They did the experiment as soon as they could get
cooperation from Arata. It was a glowing success. SRI is a well-respected
lab. It isn't their fault that the mass media ignored them.

They also replicated Case's gas loaded experiment. Again, they did that
soon after Case emerged. They wasted no time.

- Jed

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