I mean NO ONE was working on gas phase Ni-H in those days. Or nanoparticle
Ni. As far as I know, no one was. Perhaps Rossi was, while keeping a low

Many variations that seemed promising back then, and some still do. They
include nanoparticles, nanoparticles in various suspensions such
as aerogel, glow discharge, the mysterious 1930s reactions with carbon the
Mizuno has been replicating, Liaw's molten salts, bulk materials with
various stimulation techniques, and various combinations and permutations.
At any time in the history of cold fusion, there have enough promising
approaches to keep a hundred major laboratories fully occupied. We have
never been short of promising experiments, but always woefully short of
people, equipment and funding.

For all anyone knows, some of the other unexplored techniques may be much
better than Rossi's. Mizuno may have discovered or rediscovered three
methods superior to Rossi's.

- Jed

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