Heck --- At $500 + $20/year I'm going to increase my order to FOUR units.

It's going to be cheaper to put one in each corner of the house than to snake 
any kind of HVAC line through it.
(Other than electricity ... I mean standard air ducts, mini air ducts or water).

My house is weird .... it's on a slab foundation, so I can't go UNDER, and it's 
a big house built over a little house, encapsulating the original roof (!!!!) 
so it's hard to go OVER.

Last I heard, Rossi was still saying you need a WATER line to the eCat. I hope 
that's changed.

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> Wolf,
> Heard you got a question into the program. Well down.
> I think Rossi is dead right on the pricing structure. This way he will
> make it very difficult for another FPE device to get into HIS market.
> If he sells at a higher price then there is enough fat to allow another
> competitor to recover their costs. Rossi has the high ground and will
> ensure no one will overtake his position.

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