At 03:34 PM 1/15/2012, Alan Fletcher wrote:
Heck --- At $500 + $20/year I'm going to increase my order to FOUR units.
Last I heard, Rossi was still saying you need a WATER line to the eCat. I hope that's changed.

A few more AR blog clarifications (MY ..ok,ok : no need to respond)

1. Interface specifications will be released in September.

2. $500 is circulating-water (I think) heat only, not AC, which is an option
    ie Just water pumped through a core, no heat exchanger or anything : plus control system/frequency generator
    Makes the price much more reasonable.

3. Stand-alone space heater
   Christopher  January 16th, 2012 at 4:32 PM
   Could you produce a simple E-Cat space heater that anyone could plug into a wall? ...
   AR : Do you know? Your is a very good idea. We gotta study it.

   (A few others, including Hank Mills chime in. Also a suggestion that it should be less than 10 kW)

4. He's considering domestic hot water. (Probably complicates certification if it's in the potable loop).
   AR: The principle is this, yes, but it will be simplyfied.

5 He answered some questions on safety/shut-down ... but his numbered answers don't correspond to the question marks in the original post
   eg : AR: ... in case of black out the safety control system will switch off the E-Cat and will switch on it wnen the power will return

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