Axil, you show that you have no understanding of the second law. The laws of thermodynamics simply define how energy must flow in a system and how the system must behave as a result of the energy. The laws do not address the source. In the case of Rossi, he has an obvious source that cannot be identified. This source has no relationship to the laws of thermodynamic. Nevertheless, the energy that results from this source, regardless of how it is created, MUST follow the laws of thermodynamics. NO VIOLATION EXISTS.

Ed Storms
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From the get go, when you come to think in more simple terms, isn’t seeing a glowing pipe pumping out six time more energy than is going in a de facto violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

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I was going to write this post, but you beat me to it. Your post is more elegant and persuasive than mine would have been.

This common flaw in the reason and logic that most people use, this 2nd law of thermodynamics hangup, is going to make the experimental revelation showing BEC activity in LENR too hard for people to take. They just won’t believe their lying eyes.

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***Then as long as those theories can explain this experimental result, everything is in good shape. Why would you say "That's not good"?

This is an experimental finding, not a theory.

It is not good because the laws of thermodynamics are probably right and therefore this experimental result is probably wrong.
***Sounds a lot like the entire field of LENR.

Until it is widely replicated most people will assume it is wrong.
***Let me see -- LENR, 14,700 replications. Most people still assume it's wrong. There is the distinct possibility that this BEC experiment could be widely replicated and most people will assume it is wrong.

The problem there is that people seldom try to replicate results which appear to be wrong on the face of it. ***What we have here is an experimental piece of the puzzle that shows BECs absorb energy and could account for the 2nd miracle of missing gammas in LENR. Y E Kim's theory has been given yet another leg up. First, it was high temperature BECs forming. Second, it is that BECs absorb energy. BECs do not "disobey" the 2nd law of thermodynamics any more than plasmas do.

- Jed

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