yup, I agree, I downloaded SL cause everyone was telling me of 
'dead-end' vrml tech, so I wanted to check the hype:
I was very surprized that they even have no shadows, which I thought they 
would have.
Textures look often shabby, most of their 'houses' look like boxes, their 
'trees' flow in the sky, not on ground.
I guessed lots of people there, but so far I found round 20 in the start 
place, which cybertown had in better times too.

As people wrote on VRML/X3D -list, the client in open source is only the 
useless part when you have a server-client system.

I still hope VOS will make a vrml2vos convertor some time...


> (stacks of crisp venture capital dollars) runs out?  I haven't seen much
> word-of-mouth promotion of Second Life, and what I have seen has been
> mostly negative (of course I'm biased here).  Rather there's been a lot
> of over-the-top hype and top-down marketing, rather than the sort of
> grass-roots support that suggests a sustainable platform.
> They desparately want to make SL seem bigger than it is, because people
> like a winner.  But if the real numbers are right (250,000 accounts
> logged at least once in the last two months, 15,000 simultaneous users
> at peak usage) I can't help but think the user community is really,
> really small considering their multi-million dollar investment in
> hardware, software and marketing.

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