On Jan 9, 2007, at 1:08 PM, swe wrote:

> Textures look often shabby, most of their 'houses' look like boxes,  
> their
> 'trees' flow in the sky, not on ground.
> I guessed lots of people there, but so far I found round 20 in the  
> start
> place, which cybertown had in better times too.

I have to chip in into this one - Its true that most of the  
structures you've encountered may look pretty bad, but you have to  
remember that this is mostly because the creators of said buildings  
tend to be inexperienced users.

The idea behind SL's live building system is to leverage creation to  
the point where any user who wishs to try it - professional or not -  
can build something without having to go through a long period of  
study. This does cause alot of low-quality and bad looking structures  
to populate the landscape, but its not because the engine cannot do  
any better.

Feel free to look me up on the IRC channel and i'll show you around  
SL - some of the buildings built by the more professional artists may  
surprise you.

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