Peter Amstutz wrote:
> That said, suppose now is a good a time as any to announce to the list
> that I'm in the process of drawing up a business plan for being able to
> work on VOS full time.  I'm in discussion with the Free Software
> Foundation and others about possible sources of funding.  This is a
> long-term thing (the earliest I would be able to start doing this full
> time would be July) but it'll mean a lot for the project, since I'll be
> able to focus on it completely, support users, and generally get
> everything done I've been meaning to do for a long time.  I've come to
> the conclusion that what we're trying to do is simply too big of a
> problem to be solved by a few open source hobbists in any reasonable
> amount of time (or more to the point, the world will have moved on to
> something else before we have something usable).  So by turning VOS
> development into a business effort (while still based on free software
> principals) I think I stand a good chance of being in a position to
> really make a difference.

This is exciting news! I really hope you can get it to work out, because a
project with as much potential as VOS needs someone on it full time. I can
imagine that funding an open-source project will be tough, but if it makes
you feel better, I certainly would click on the little "Donate to
Interreality" paypal button if it ever appears ;)


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