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On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, S Mattison wrote:

> Hermetic: Awesome ideas!


> database, and put it in the program as a new feature. And as I don't know
> programming languages that well... I'll really have to rely on someone
> else's programming ability, I believe.
> Anybody out there willing to work with me on this one?


> On 1/15/07, sconzey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I'm with hermetic here, while the code is comparitavely well
>> documented, there's little on content generation at all.
>> However, on the flip side, this is an open source project, and you've
>> just found a way to contribute.

yup, my mail was ment like that.
Im willing to help, but I lack a lot of infos and did not find too much
on the vos docs yet beyond the level of writing own c++ code, thats why I 
To all newer on this list, Im developing a browser based build-up 3d 
pirates-game, technic is php/mysql/vrml. While shared events are possible
with that, its a lot of work to make a system vos already has, including
  its stabile 3dchat. (some screenshots: 
notice the lack of shadows and the bad water of the old vrml viewer used)

To Peters new mail on list:
That sourceforge is good news! And thanks you bring me a bit more 
understanding about the .cod .xod. history.

I will experiment a bit more around with it.

Sad that emma3d is not part of vos now, it looks on their site like they 
dont have much activity since some time.



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