Hi VOS-developer,

I downloaded the new terangreal, new box world looks nice: good idea to 
have the move explaination in first sight!
Funny little pyramid and penguin online then ;)

Ok, but thats still all one can find easy if one wants to attend own stuff 
to vos from a non-hardcore-coder perspecive.

I checked a lot of (not of very useful for this intend) theoretical docs 
on the vos website, till I found eventually that the world definitions 
are in the .xod files.

So this info lead me to the first box world is stored in 
3dworld-blocks.xod in main folder and the detailed stuff is in 

(hell why is not a simple README.txt or HOW_TO_EDIT_WORLD.txt in the 
main folder explaining such?)

The blocks.cod is compressed (wow! saves 50 bytes?)
and in cod-format (why not using a more human readable and editable .xod 
What do I need to convert .cod back to .xod?
Where do I find infos about that?
Or better, can I write my worlds in (ok static?)vrml and convert to .xod 
by a tool?
Where do I get them?

All that infos could help new users to get more involved in vos I think.
Why not include such examples in the download?

Further more, if you look at the free blaxxun community: one central 
feature is a 'world'-list where user can promote own worlds:
Why not add an interface or upload button so user can create 
own worlds or add static objects (given in common formats like 
.obj/.3ds/vrml?) to the first VOS world?

Its nice that one can use blender to convert models, but thats another 
barrier to download, keeping people from attending.

Also I think the first VOS worlds should show what possibilities
(->shadows? water? layers? mediaformats? sounds?-> I remember you added 
the emma3d features to vos?) VOS can use.
If you want more users and especial content designers, the first steps 
should show why VOS is good for them.

Or think it from a different perspecitve, why SL makes user want to be 
part of it?
Show them that SL is 'dead-end-tech' (a word SL-hype has for other 
communities ;)!

Anyway, I would like to bring some models into vos. Like a pirate 
ship? Maybe a little island? One there outside can help me to get a water 
surface working and convert/upload stuff on main server?

The knowledge that vos is the better system is not enought.

so far my ideas about


( online island editor example: 
http://www.cyworx.com/worlds/piratez9/index.wrl )

On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Peter Amstutz wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 09:15:37PM -0500, Reed Hedges wrote:
>> Cory Linden (I forget his real name) did a Q&A about open-sourcing the
>> client, and someone asked him if they think that also open-sourcing the
>> server would hurt SL from a business perspective, and he said "No".  But
>> I wonder if they do have plans on doing it.
> <snark>Well, seeing as how they aren't making any money off of Second
> Life as it is, it would be hard to hurt their business any more than
> they're already doing themselves.</snark>

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