Thanks so much, everyone, Ronni, Rob and Daniel,

It looks like it was TechToolPro that was the culprit.  The main disk was down 
to 0 and now it has 163 GB free after I threw out the entire TechTool folder.  
Neither of the other 2 disks had any problem.

Is TechTool of real value, worth having even if it is likely to go insane?  And 
more and more we put our lives in the tender (not) mercy of computers and their 

It's an enormous relief, but I am going to keep an eagle eye on that 163 GB to 
see if it starts melting away again (I've been watching it all morning, and it 
still seems OK).

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


On 02/07/2011, at 11:44 PM, Ronda Brown wrote:

> Hi Pat,
> In System Preferences > Other - TechTool Protection, check the Directory 
> Backup Interval.
> If you have it set for every 4 hours, & if it is doing this on every drive 
> that is ever connected to your Mac (backup drives / Time Machine etc)  it can 
> create a very large folder.
> I had similar to what you have explained below happen on a client’s computer 
> and I checked the TechTool Pro Protection folder and it was over 100GB in 
> size!
> The folder containing all the TechTool directory backups is located in the 
> main Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > TechTool Protection folder.
> Drag any that are no longer required to the Trash, you will be asked for your 
> administrator password.
> Empty the trash when you have finished.
> Restart you Mac.
> Cheers,
> Ronni
>> On 2/07/11 10:01 PM, Pat Scott wrote:
>>> Yesterday the boot disk of my Mac Pro suddenly began filling up with 
>>> something unknown. Tech tool Pro put up messages saying the disk had only 
>>> 13% free space left, out of 320 GB.   The only thing I could think to do 
>>> was try to find out where the excess was accumulating.  This seemed to be 
>>> the Application Support folder in my Home folder. I moved an assortment of 
>>> the folders to another disk (there are 3 disks), and this moved the added 
>>> GBs out of the boot disk, so it was back to 140 GB free.
>>> Today I did various jobs on the computer and things seemed normal until I 
>>> tried to install Security Update 2011-004. The message came up that this 
>>> update could not be installed on the boot disk because it was not suitable. 
>>> Then I tried to install the OS 10.6.8 update, and it did install.   I tried 
>>> the Security update again, and got the same message. Then Tech Tool Pro 
>>> started its warnings again only this time there was only 4% of free space 
>>> left and it was going down fast. Within a few minutes it was down to 600MB, 
>>> so I shut it down quick.
>>> I am totally at a loss as to what I should do.  To make things even more 
>>> difficult, from Monday I have to be away for ten days.
>>> I hope someone can advise me.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Pat

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