Hi Daniel, Hi Diana,

I've been with Internode ever since I moved from Bigpond dial-up to ADSL 
broadband back in 2007.

I must admit I was worried when Internode was bought by iiNet and then iiNet 
was bought by TPG - however, I continue to be impressed by their service. Of 
course with a good reliable internet provider it is rare for me to actually 
NEED the support but I had cause just over a week ago when my internet 
connection just stopped working.

I got to talk to an intelligent support person and we got to methodically work 
through the problem and agree that since my phone connection was working and we 
had ADSL sync OK but no PPP sign -in, and I could duplicate this problem on two 
different modems, that there must be a fault on Internode's end. The fault was 
logged and I was given a ticket reference in case I needed to follow up. As it 
was the fault was fixed (or fixed itself) several hours later and all was back 
to normal.

As I say, it is not often I need to deal with them but, when I do, they have 
been unfailingly helpful - whether it has been changing plans/services, 
changing billing methods or technical problems - I get to deal with pleasant, 
efficient and informed personnel.

Just my 2c worth - I am all too happy to complain about the frequent poor 
service I find nowadays so it is nice to be able to also report on really good 
customer service when I get it ;o)


Neil R. Houghton

Albany, Western Australia

Tel: +61 8 9841 6063

Email: n...@possumology.com

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    Hi Diana
    You can’t really “port” an email address to another ISP. When you change 
ISP’s you will get a new one.
    With iinet, you can pay them $25 per year per email address to “keep” those 
email addresses. So if you have 2 email addresses you want to keep, then you’d 
be paying them $50 per year to keep the iinet address.
    But Telstra can’t take those email addresses to them. They can only stay 
with iinet.
    So you’d either need to keep the addresses for a year or so, and tell 
people your “new” email addresses, or carry on paying every year to iinet for 
them. This is why some people a) stick with their ISP to keep their email 
address or b) go for a “non-ISP” address (e.g. iCloud.com or gmail.com, hotmail 
etc). That way they then have the email address “forever”.
    I think a lot of people have on and off problems with iinet (myself 
included), but when my NBN comes, I’m staying with them for now. I’ll wait to 
the mess that is NBN is hopefully sorted out and then see what it’s like. I’m 
working on the “better the devil you know” theory,….lol. I keep Telstra for my 
mobile, but I don’t want my internet with them. But I don’t think there’s a 
“fantastic” ISP out there really. They all seem to have problems here and there 
(which I can understand), but I don’t think any one ISP is that much better 
then anyone. I think all the “great” ISP’s got gobbled up by larger companies. 
And service went out the window……… (service? We can’t afford to factor that 
into our plans,..don’t be silly! lol).
    (Yes, sometimes you get the right person and it’s OK,…..other times it’s a 
great big mess). More to do with moving support centres all overseas I think. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same. Oh, a problem with the bill? Sorry 
you’ll need to talk to our support centre,…they’re overseas. They only work 
10mins a day once a week, every other day. Leave a message and they’ll get back 
to you,….sometime. Maybe. Perhaps. Hard to say).  :) hehe.
    So long story short…..
    If you want to keep the emails, you’d need to ask iinet to swap you to an 
“email only account” once you’ve changed to the new provider - then pay per 
each email per year.
    Kind regards
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    Daniel Kerr
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    > On 15 Apr 2018, at 4:00 pm, Diana & Graham Stevens <diag...@iinet.net.au> 
    > Can someone tell me where to find information on porting email addresses, 
the preparation for it and how the process works please? We want to take two 
accounts one imap, one pop.
    > We are thinking of abandoning iiNet after 21.75 years and moving to 
Telstra. I had planned to move our phone services in the opposite direction in 
order to save money until I was ‘sold a pup’ by some rotter in South Africa. 
Having lied to me and wasted my money he became incommunicado. When I 
complained via their website I got no answer.
    > Telstra will be more expensive but it has the advantage that I can get 
the bus to the Telstra store, I have trouble on the phone with their accents 
and my hearing.
    > Best wishes to all from Diana
    > Sent from my iPad
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