Hi Philippe

I am keeping fingers crossed as I said to Michael. I think Daniel is right 
about ISPs all being much the same, good and bad in parts like the Curate’s egg.

Recently I have been lied to by an iiNet salesman, given correct but incomplete 
information by the Telstra girl, and I am fed up with talking to robots and 
people I don’t understand. But the service from iiNet has mainly been good, 
admittedly most was before the takeover when iiNet was local.

I have had the same email address for almost 22 years, I could change and tell 
the people in my contacts list but my main interest is family history, my email 
is available on many websites, mailing lists etc, I can’t change that.

One person with fibre to curb has told me it’s very good, but it is relatively 
new and it depends on the competence of the crew that install it.

Best wishes from Diana 

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> On 15 Apr 2018, at 11:27 pm, Philippe Chaperon <laut...@bigpond.com> wrote:
> Hi Diana and all, 
> It would appear that NBN would be a hit & miss experience from what I have 
> been reading. On the other hand after many years of being with Westnet, once 
> it was taken over twice the service became almost intolerable for me to the 
> point that I went over to Telstra/Bigpond. 
> Although I had some initial problems with the date when the actual swap over 
> was to happen the swap over to Telstra was smooth and no problems to speak 
> of. Contrary to most people I have spoken to, my experience with talking to 
> the staff at the Telstra shop in Morley was less than satisfactory whereas 
> the Philippine call centre staff were very polite, efficient and did what 
> they promised to do. This is sad! 
> The move from ADSL2 to NBN, still with Telstra/Bigpond went so smoothly that 
> I could not believe it! We do have fibre to the Node which fortunately is not 
> very far away from my house. The NBN connection was planned for Saturday 14th 
> April, so on Friday evening I checked the internet speed whilst still on 
> ADSL2 being upload at 1.49 mbs and download at 17.41 mbs. As I already have a 
> modem which is NBN ready Telstra told me I would have nothing to do. On 
> Saturday morning I checked the speed, using SpeedOf.me, to my surprise the 
> upload speed showed 16.1 mbps and download speed 50.13 mbs. This is spot on 
> to the speed Telstra told me my Connect Plus plan will provide. 
> Contrary to what I was expecting I did not have to do anything whatsoever 
> with regards to the modem settings or to my various computers, iPads and 
> iPhone. This is technology today!!
> One small negative report was that viewing Youtube videos was quite irregular 
> this morning, Sunday am, but for only a short time, and since then so far 
> right on the dot of 50 mbs.
> I am waiting for 5G network to see if their promise of very fast 
> upload/download speeds eventuate. 
> I wish you good luck Diana which whichever path to choose and as they say in 
> the classics ‘May the NBN be with you” ;)
> Re email address, I paid Westnet to keep my email address with them for 1 
> year which they did not do as they cancelled it immediately and to this day 
> never received a refund or apology from them. They never acknowledged my 
> emails requesting progress on this matter. But all this is in the past now. 
> Regards to all, 
> Philippe Chaperon

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