I had a similar simple and pain free Westnet, with whom I have been for many 
years, and iiNet.   Change over was easy.  A free new modem came by mail and it 
was only minutes to replace the old one.   On NBN day it just happened in 
minutes.   I had minor issues with ES time persisting on my VOIP phones but a 
friendly helpful Phillipino(??) lady quickly pointed me to the setting.  
I have FTN with max 25 in this area and I regularly get 20+.   
Well done Westnet, iiNet and NBN!    
Severin Crisp 

Sent from Sev's iPhone

> On 16 Apr 2018, at 09:44, Barry Sexstone <bjsexst...@netspace.net.au> wrote:
> Hi All
> My experience with iinet changing to NBN (FTN) was excellent. All changed 
> seamlessly including land line to Net phone with number porting.  I was told 
> this could take up to a week bu in the event it was less than 24Hrs.  
> Initially I signed for 25 Mbs and regularly achieved 24.  I noticed that 
> later iinet was offering 50 Mbs for the same price so I changed plans.  Iinet 
> then warned me that NBN Co said the maximum I could expect at my location was 
> 39 Mbs and I could revert to my original plan if I wished.  As  there was no 
> financial advantage I stayed with the nominal 50 and routinely get 35 Mbs 
> which I consider good for a possible 39 maximum.  As my ADSL speed was 
> usually 6 - 7 Mbs I am pleased with the new system.  Goes to show that all is 
> not necessarily doom and gloom.
> Barry
> iMac Retina 5K 27"
> Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz 
> 8     GB RAM
> 1.0 TB HD
> OS X 10.12.2
>> On 15 Apr 2018, at 11:27 pm, Philippe Chaperon <laut...@bigpond.com> wrote:
>> Hi Diana and all, 
>> It would appear that NBN would be a hit & miss experience from what I have 
>> been reading. On the other hand after many years of being with Westnet, once 
>> it was taken over twice the service became almost intolerable for me to the 
>> point that I went over to Telstra/Bigpond. 
>> Although I had some initial problems with the date when the actual swap over 
>> was to happen the swap over to Telstra was smooth and no problems to speak 
>> of. Contrary to most people I have spoken to, my experience with talking to 
>> the staff at the Telstra shop in Morley was less than satisfactory whereas 
>> the Philippine call centre staff were very polite, efficient and did what 
>> they promised to do. This is sad! 
>> The move from ADSL2 to NBN, still with Telstra/Bigpond went so smoothly that 
>> I could not believe it! We do have fibre to the Node which fortunately is 
>> not very far away from my house. The NBN connection was planned for Saturday 
>> 14th April, so on Friday evening I checked the internet speed whilst still 
>> on ADSL2 being upload at 1.49 mbs and download at 17.41 mbs. As I already 
>> have a modem which is NBN ready Telstra told me I would have nothing to do. 
>> On Saturday morning I checked the speed, using SpeedOf.me, to my surprise 
>> the upload speed showed 16.1 mbps and download speed 50.13 mbs. This is spot 
>> on to the speed Telstra told me my Connect Plus plan will provide. 
>> Contrary to what I was expecting I did not have to do anything whatsoever 
>> with regards to the modem settings or to my various computers, iPads and 
>> iPhone. This is technology today!!
>> One small negative report was that viewing Youtube videos was quite 
>> irregular this morning, Sunday am, but for only a short time, and since then 
>> so far right on the dot of 50 mbs.
>> I am waiting for 5G network to see if their promise of very fast 
>> upload/download speeds eventuate. 
>> I wish you good luck Diana which whichever path to choose and as they say in 
>> the classics ‘May the NBN be with you” ;)
>> Re email address, I paid Westnet to keep my email address with them for 1 
>> year which they did not do as they cancelled it immediately and to this day 
>> never received a refund or apology from them. They never acknowledged my 
>> emails requesting progress on this matter. But all this is in the past now. 
>> Regards to all, 
>> Philippe Chaperon
>> On 15 Apr 2018, at 9:21 pm, Michael Hawkins 
>> <michael.hawk...@mjhawkins.com.au> wrote:
>> Diana,
>> Having experienced NBN at snail pace night after night (we’re in Doubleview 
>> on copper just over 200 metres from the node) (and it’s even slower during 
>> school holidays) I suggest you get a large download allowance on your mobile 
>> plan as you may find that using the personal hotspot on your iPhone is far 
>> faster than using NBN.
>> Cheers,
>> Michael
>>> On 15 Apr 2018, at 9:05 pm, Diana & Graham Stevens <diag...@iinet.net.au> 
>>> wrote:
>>> Thanks Daniel & Neil
>>> The girl at Telstra told me I could port email addresses and they allowed 2 
>>> free email accounts. I couldn’t see how it would work, takeovers are 
>>> different, all the addresses move. I was extremely stressed at the time and 
>>> she offered us a deal that sounded good, cheaper than our combined iiNet & 
>>> Telstra accounts. I said we would think about it. After a coffee I realised 
>>> she hadn’t given us any details, went back and asked her to email the 
>>> details.
>>> When I checked our present usage I realised the new plan did not have 
>>> nearly enough volume especially as we are using streaming services more 
>>> these days.
>>> I had gone there to ask how much it would cost to unlock my prepaid Telstra 
>>> phone. The  iiNet salesman had told me it would not need to be unlocked, 
>>> just one of his lies. I was told the amount depended on how long I had been 
>>> using it, which was hardly at all. She then went on to talk about something 
>>> else and I forgot to get the price.
>>> Today I rang Telstra and the girl unlocked it for nothing (I hope, haven’t 
>>> tried yet). Tomorrow I shall install my iiNet SIM with my Vodaphone number 
>>> (closing 2G network so my 18 year old Nokia has been pensioned off). 
>>> We shall stay with iiNet, I already have a SIM for Graham’s Telstra number 
>>> but can’t activate it until we get NBN (12 Jun according to Telstra) 
>>> because of special deal on landlines. Have to find out if I can move 
>>> Telstra phone number to our VoIP phone.
>>> My main worry is problems with the NBN transition, we’re getting fibre to 
>>> curb (yank spelling of kerb!) and being unable to understand what they say.
>>> Thanks again and best wishes from Diana 
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>> On 15 Apr 2018, at 6:51 pm, Neil Houghton <n...@possumology.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Daniel, Hi Diana,
>>>> I've been with Internode ever since I moved from Bigpond dial-up to ADSL 
>>>> broadband back in 2007.
>>>> I must admit I was worried when Internode was bought by iiNet and then 
>>>> iiNet was bought by TPG - however, I continue to be impressed by their 
>>>> service. Of course with a good reliable internet provider it is rare for 
>>>> me to actually NEED the support but I had cause just over a week ago when 
>>>> my internet connection just stopped working.
>>>> I got to talk to an intelligent support person and we got to methodically 
>>>> work through the problem and agree that since my phone connection was 
>>>> working and we had ADSL sync OK but no PPP sign -in, and I could duplicate 
>>>> this problem on two different modems, that there must be a fault on 
>>>> Internode's end. The fault was logged and I was given a ticket reference 
>>>> in case I needed to follow up. As it was the fault was fixed (or fixed 
>>>> itself) several hours later and all was back to normal.
>>>> As I say, it is not often I need to deal with them but, when I do, they 
>>>> have been unfailingly helpful - whether it has been changing 
>>>> plans/services, changing billing methods or technical problems - I get to 
>>>> deal with pleasant, efficient and informed personnel.
>>>> Just my 2c worth - I am all too happy to complain about the frequent poor 
>>>> service I find nowadays so it is nice to be able to also report on really 
>>>> good customer service when I get it ;o)
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Neil
>>>> -- 
>>>> Neil R. Houghton
>>>> Albany, Western Australia
>>>> Tel: +61 8 9841 6063
>>>> Email: n...@possumology.com
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>>>> Kerr <dan...@macwizardry.com.au>
>>>> Reply-To: WAMUG <wamug@wamug.org.au>
>>>> Date: Sunday, 15 April 2018 at 18:12
>>>> To: WAMUG <wamug@wamug.org.au>
>>>> Subject: Re: Changing ISP and porting email address
>>>> Hi Diana
>>>> You can’t really “port” an email address to another ISP. When you change 
>>>> ISP’s you will get a new one.
>>>> With iinet, you can pay them $25 per year per email address to “keep” 
>>>> those email addresses. So if you have 2 email addresses you want to keep, 
>>>> then you’d be paying them $50 per year to keep the iinet address.
>>>> But Telstra can’t take those email addresses to them. They can only stay 
>>>> with iinet.
>>>> So you’d either need to keep the addresses for a year or so, and tell 
>>>> people your “new” email addresses, or carry on paying every year to iinet 
>>>> for them. This is why some people a) stick with their ISP to keep their 
>>>> email address or b) go for a “non-ISP” address (e.g. iCloud.com or 
>>>> gmail.com, hotmail etc). That way they then have the email address 
>>>> “forever”.
>>>> I think a lot of people have on and off problems with iinet (myself 
>>>> included), but when my NBN comes, I’m staying with them for now. I’ll wait 
>>>> to the mess that is NBN is hopefully sorted out and then see what it’s 
>>>> like. I’m working on the “better the devil you know” theory,….lol. I keep 
>>>> Telstra for my mobile, but I don’t want my internet with them. But I don’t 
>>>> think there’s a “fantastic” ISP out there really. They all seem to have 
>>>> problems here and there (which I can understand), but I don’t think any 
>>>> one ISP is that much better then anyone. I think all the “great” ISP’s got 
>>>> gobbled up by larger companies. And service went out the window……… 
>>>> (service? We can’t afford to factor that into our plans,..don’t be silly! 
>>>> lol).
>>>> (Yes, sometimes you get the right person and it’s OK,…..other times it’s a 
>>>> great big mess). More to do with moving support centres all overseas I 
>>>> think. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same. Oh, a problem with the 
>>>> bill? Sorry you’ll need to talk to our support centre,…they’re overseas. 
>>>> They only work 10mins a day once a week, every other day. Leave a message 
>>>> and they’ll get back to you,….sometime. Maybe. Perhaps. Hard to say).  :) 
>>>> hehe.
>>>> So long story short…..
>>>> If you want to keep the emails, you’d need to ask iinet to swap you to an 
>>>> “email only account” once you’ve changed to the new provider - then pay 
>>>> per each email per year.
>>>> Kind regards
>>>> Daniel
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>>>> that permission by the author be requested. 
>>>>> On 15 Apr 2018, at 4:00 pm, Diana & Graham Stevens <diag...@iinet.net.au> 
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Can someone tell me where to find information on porting email addresses, 
>>>>> the preparation for it and how the process works please? We want to take 
>>>>> two accounts one imap, one pop.
>>>>> We are thinking of abandoning iiNet after 21.75 years and moving to 
>>>>> Telstra. I had planned to move our phone services in the opposite 
>>>>> direction in order to save money until I was ‘sold a pup’ by some rotter 
>>>>> in South Africa. Having lied to me and wasted my money he became 
>>>>> incommunicado. When I complained via their website I got no answer.
>>>>> Telstra will be more expensive but it has the advantage that I can get 
>>>>> the bus to the Telstra store, I have trouble on the phone with their 
>>>>> accents and my hearing.
>>>>> Best wishes to all from Diana
>>>>> Sent from my iPad
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