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        Online Information And Advanced Services To Be Available To
                      Singaporeans Via WAP Technology

   SINGAPORE (March 15, 2000)  An exciting new world of mobile Internet
   access and convenient "access-anywhere" services will be available to
   StarHub customers through an agreement announced today with Siemens

   StarHub, Singapore's new info-communications player, has awarded its
   WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) tender to Siemens Information and
   Communications Networks, a division of the global electrical and
   electronics giant, Siemens, for supply and installation of's
   WAP gateway. The agreement encompasses advanced wireless data
   technologies and applications for use on mobile communication devices
   such as mobile phones, PDAs and wireless communication terminals.

   StarHub will deliver a wide range of online information and services -
   such as news, banking and financial services, email access, electronic
   commerce and online auctions - to StarHub's customers when they sign
   up for WAP services. Come 1 April, StarHub will be Singapore's premier
   gateway to the WAP world.

   Under the agreement, Siemens is providing StarHub with a complete WAP
   solution. The core WAP gateway technology, portal software, and
   certain key applications are from, a provider of software
   and services that enables the delivery of Internet-based information
   services to mass-market wireless telephones. The three-way
   collaboration will allow StarHub to provide uniquely innovative
   wireless Internet services to its mobile customers.

   "Consumers are excited about the WAP technology - it is the beginning
   of a new era in info-communications, with higher data speeds and
   'always on' technology just around the corner. Now with StarHub's WAP
   technology system, consumers can look forward to a higher level of
   info-communications," said Mr. Peter Kaliaropoulos, Senior
   Vice-President (Commercial Operations) at StarHub. "As StarHub gears
   up for our official launch on 1 April, we have put all the pieces in
   place to provide the best offerings and services to Singaporeans. This
   collaboration with Siemens and Phone.Com is another demonstration of
   how StarHub is delivering world class technologies and innovation that
   empower consumers and improve all our lives."

   The Siemens/ WAP solution and applications were selected by
   StarHub for their proven and robust platform providing complete
   scalability and carrier-grade reliability, together with a wide
   variety of user-friendly applications. StarHub plans to be able to
   offer to mobile device users the ability to accommodate new
   technologies and changes through Siemens/'s WAP services.
   This flexibility and compelling range of applications provides StarHub
   with a differentiating advantage from other competitors.

   Voicing his pleasure over this new partnership with StarHub, Mr.
   Christian Unterberger, Senior Vice-President of Siemens Information
   and Communication Networks, commented, "Currently, the Internet is
   being used for information services as well as personal and business
   transactions. We see this growing need for immediate personal access
   to the Internet as a necessity for corporate executives on the move
   with the younger generation as a fast-growing target group. Our
   partnership with StarHub for wireless data technology allows Siemens
   technology to cater to the needs of these two groups of people, while
   assisting StarHub in gaining a market share in this competitive
   industry. In this market where state-of-the-art technology and
   life-made-easy applications are top priority, the release and use of
   these applications will contribute to the development of the
   e-citizenship community which the government envisages. The meaning of
   "mobility" for both people and data transfer takes on a new meaning
   with the release of the Siemens WAP applications."

   Tony Miranzadeh,'s Vice President and General Manager for
   Asia Pacific said, "This agreement further demonstrates that Siemens
   and continue to execute and deliver on their strategy to
   provide wireless carriers from around the globe with the fastest time
   to market for scalable, reliable, and feature-rich WAP services. We
   are delighted to bring the best of the Internet to mobile phones in

   StarHub is actively looking into deploying GPRS and 3G in the near
   future. It will work with strategic partners, such as British
   Telecommunications (BT), Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) and others
   to secure an early implementation of the mobile portal service leading
   to 3G services. StarHub's WAP services, which have been tested with
   all existing and to-be-launched WAP handphones, will be available to
   the public as of 1 April 2000.

   About StarHub
   StarHub is Singapore's new operator for both fixed and mobile
   telecommunications services. In line with its philosophy to be a
   total, integrate and seamless info-communications provider, it has
   repositioned its Internet business that it acquired in January 1999 by
   rebranding CyberWay into StarHub Internet.

   StarHub aims to become the region's best world-class
   info-communications company, being the preferred provider of
   innovative info-communications solutions. It is building a new
   generation, integrated broadband info-communications network that is
   principally fibre-based. This new network infrastructure in Singapore
   will have the capability to provide true fixed and mobile converged
   services on an integrated platform offering customers with access to
   the latest communications technology applications. Come 1 April 2000,
   StarHub's fixed and mobile phone services will be launched

   More information on StarHub can be found on

   About Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group
   The Information and Communications business segment is part of
   Siemens, a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics
   with more than DM$ 75 billion in sales. Information and Communications
   consists of the three groups Information and Communication Networks
   (59,000 employees, DM$13 billion sales), Information and Communication
   Products (33,000 employees, DM$11 billion sales) and Siemens Business
   Services (21,000 employees, DM$4 billion sales).

   Information and Communication Networks is an integral part of
   Information and Communications. As Solution Provider of voice, data,
   and mobile radio networks, Information and Communication Networks has
   a comprehensive product portfolio - producing and supplying complete
   systems, enterprise products, switching and transmission equipment -
   and many years of consulting experience in planning, setting up, and
   operating networks.

   Within its overall strategy of "A Universe of One" the Siemens
   Information and Communication Networks Group is pursuing three main
   initiatives toward the next generation of communication: innovation in
   IP-driven voice and data communications, evolution from GSM to
   third-generation mobile voice and data networks and applications, and
   customer-oriented end-to-end solutions and service/integration support
   for future customer requirements. Siemens provides products and
   tailor-made solutions which ensure problem-free Internet traffic and
   the integration of different networks into one convergent network,
   utilizing legacy network infrastructures.

   Further information on this Siemens Group can be found on the Internet

   About, Inc., Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM) is a leading provider of software and
   services that enable the delivery of Internet-based information
   services to mass-market wireless telephones. Using its software,
   wireless subscribers have access to Internet- and corporate
   intranet-based services, including Email, news, stocks, weather,
   travel and sports. In addition, subscribers have access via their
   wireless telephones to network operators' intranet-based telephony
   services, which may include over-the-air activation, call management,
   billing history information, pricing plan subscription and voice
   message management. is headquartered in Silicon Valley,
   California and has regional offices in Belfast, Copenhagen, Hong Kong,
   London Seoul and Tokyo. Visit for more

   Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters
   discussed in this news release are forward-looking statements
   involving risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to
   differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements.
   Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to,'s limited operating history, potential fluctuations in's operating results, uncertainties related to's
   long sales cycle and reliance on a small number of customers,'s dependence on the acceptance of its products by network
   operators and wireless subscribers,'s ability to adequately
   address the rapidly-evolving market for delivery of Internet-based
   services through wireless telephones, the need to achieve widespread
   integration of's browser in wireless telephones, competition
   from companies with substantially greater financial, technical,
   marketing and distribution resources and the ability of to
   manage a complex set of engineering, marketing and distribution
   relationships. Further information regarding these and other risks are
   included in's Form 10-Q for quarter ended December 31, 1999,
   in its prospectus dated November 16, 1999 and in its other filings
   with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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