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Claes Persson wrote:

______________________________ I, for at least one, fail to see how having a baby, with or without wedlock, can be judged to be among the worst of actions! Claes§( :8-)
That is because you missed the point. The point is not about having a baby. It is about people who cannot afford to raise a child having babies.

Sometimes I think, because you are so liberal, you fake missing the point and say things "high and mighty" (like the above) just to irritate others, which is typical behavior for a liberal.

The point was people that cannot afford to raise children having babies is highly undesirable.

And why do they do it? In my opinion it is because:

A) People like sex and they know they can collect government money anyway if a child is born, so "seize the moment of passion" and forget about birth control.


B) "The more babies I have, the more government money I get! Eventually, with enough babies, I get guaranteed income from the government to run a day care center. The only requirement is the kids have to be my kids."

Either of the above is deplorable behavior, even if it does bring a cute little cuddly baby into the world.

Sorry, I just do not believe you are that stupid nor that your communicative skills are that poor. You are simply a typical liberal.

Further, anybody that is stupid enough to draw the conclusion you did of the narrative to which you responded should never be allowed to vote on public policy and candidates. Now, if one is just liberal and not stupid, then that person should be allowed to vote no matter what one says. Actions, after all, are all that matters. What is spoken is worth nothing when compared to one's actions.


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